Ground School / Seminar Sign Up

Our Mastering Crosswinds seminars are offered periodically throughout the year and at many different locations.  These are free seminars that are approved for FAA Safety WINGS program credit.  If you know of a group who would like us to present our seminar, please contact us.


The Stick-n-Rudder Ground Schoolis offered each month by Crosswind Concepts.  This three-hour class takes an in-depth look at topics important to crosswinds including weather, aerodynamics and a look at crosswinds in the taxi, takeoff and landing phases of flight.


Location is typically at our Centennial office, however we also offer them at a sponsoring flight school or aviation organization.

Tuition is only $35.00.  Register for one of our classes here.  You'll find a schedule below or in our blog. 

Our iPad Takes Flight classes are also offered on a regular basis.  Look at the schedule below for the most recent schedule and to register.  Tuition varies based on the class.



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