MDC Session Price

August 31, 2016 at 12:50 PM

Our Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind training session has received national recognition by Aviation Consumer, Redbird Flight Simulations and AOPA.  You receive more crosswind approach and landing experience in this two-hour session than most pilots have received in their career.  To gain anywhere near the experience in the aircraft, you would need to have at least five hours in the aircraft and ideal training conditions.  By looking at it this way, you save in the neighborhood of $2,000 by taking our training.

We have not had a price increase since we opened our doors in 2012.  Unfortunately the same can't be said for rent, instructors and other costs to operate the business.  So effective September 1 we will be increasing our training session cost modestly to $249.00.  This still represents a tremendous value! 


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