Proper Rudder Use article

June 22, 2016 at 12:17 PM

Aviation Safety Magazine is a must for the serious pilot! Here is an article called Proper Rudder Use by Michael J. Banner published in the October, 2014 issue. It is an outstanding discussion about proper rudder usage in various aspects of flight.

He explains that in his experience of 15 years as an aviation educator, "I’ve observed many pilots with poor rudder skills. A large number of them, including student pilots in training, allowed slipping and skidding turns, failed to correct for adverse yaw during turns; and applied insufficient or no right pedal rudder pressure to keep the slip-skid ball centered while pitched up following takeoff and during slow-flight maneuvering. Additional problems include using inadequate rudder to level the wings while demonstrating power-on and power-off stalls, and improper use when performing forward and side slips."

He describes an experience where, during a flight review, a pilot pitched up abruptly to perform a power-on stall. This resulted in an uncoordinated, accelerated stall and spin. The maneuver was performed at 5,000 AGL so was safely recoverable.

Our ground training includes discussion of the aerodynamics of turns to help pilots understand the differences and dangers between skids and slips. The rudder technique, particularly for slips, is then a focus of our Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind training program.


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